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Net Terminology

Below are a few terms and abbreviations common to the ArcheryTalk board and ArcheryChat chatroom.  Although there are hundreds more of these, they are some of the oneís more commonly seen here. 


Administrator:  The person who operates and maintains a website.


Avitar:  The small picture next to your user name.


BRB:  Be Right Back


BTW:  By The Way


Flame:A post, usually made in anger, that is degrading or offensive to the target.


Flame War:When to or more people continuously hurl flames at each other.These usually degenerate into childish name calling contests.


IMHO:  In My Humble Opinion.


LOL:  Laughing Out Loud.  Something was funny.


Mods:  Moderators


Moderator:  A person who oversees a forum and attempts to keep order.


Nym Shift:  (pronounced Name Shift)  Changing names or user idís in order to regain access when banned or to post something you donít want associated with your primary account.


Oxycleaned:To be banned from the site.It gets its name from Oxford, one of the moderators.


ROTFL:  Rolling On The Floor Laughing.  Something was really funny.


ROTFLMAO:  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off.  Something was really, really funny.


Sock or Sock Puppet:  A person who posts only a few times to support someone elseís controversial or unbelieveable statements.  This is a favorite tactic of trolls and is usually the troll himself. 


Smiley:  A any of dozens of smiley faces made with special characters and viewed by tilting you head to the left, for example : )  These are usually converted into actual smiley faces by the AT board software.


SWMBO:  She Who Must Be Obeyed, your wife.


Troll:  A person who goes into a forum and posts something controversial or inflammatory just so they can set back and watch the resulting flame war.


TTT: To The Top, used when someone wants a post to move back to the top of the stack so it is more likely to bee seen.


YMMV:  Your Mileage May Vary, meaning these are the results I got but it may be different for you.



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