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The Unofficial ArcheryTalk FAQ

1.  About this FAQ.

    a.  About ArcheryTalk.
    b.  Common Sense Posting Rules
By "GRIV" George Ryals IV
  Net Terminology.  Common terms as abbreviations used on  ArcheryTalk and ArcheryChat.  Intended for users new to internet forums.
d.  How to Create a Avatar.  Want to create an avatar?  This site will show you how.  By Bow_Art.

3.  General Archery
    a. Questions and Answers for the New Shooter
Tips on selecting the bow that is right for you.  By "Alaska Sam" Sam Weatherford.
     b. Sight LevelingHow to properly level a sight.  By "OldPro" Gene Lueck.
c. Archery Terms.  A comprehensive list of archery terms and definitions.
     d.  How to tie a D-Loop.  By "Panzer" Chris Frazier.  Note: If you have a slow connection this page may take a while to load.
e Creep Tuning.  What creep tuning is and how it is accomplished.  By "GRIV" George Ryals IV

4.  Bowhunting
    a.  Bowhunter’s Checklist
A list of items that AT members carry while hunting.  Compiled by HornHogg.

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