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About this FAQ


The idea for this FAQ originally came to me while reading yet another post asking what ttt meant.  As there are several questions that are frequently asked, I thought consolidating them in one place might be a good idea.  After discussing this with a few other members it was transformed into a FAQ covering not only the ArcheryTalk website, but archery in general. Although I conceived and assembled this site I cannot take credit for it.  Almost all of the articles here were written by AT members, making this a group effort.

I would like to thank the following AT members (in no particular order) for their assistance:

"Griv" George Ryals IV                        "Alaska Sam" Sam Weatherford
"OldPro" Gene Lueck                          "Oxford" Bill Oxford
"DONDEERE"                                     The Hood
“Grant-KS” Grant Iwashige                  Bow_Art

Their willingness to provide suggestions or share their knowledge with others has been vital not only in the construction of this site, but in the promotion of archery in general.  

"Panzer" Chris Frazier